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Route des Monts Notre-Dame

Route des Monts Notre-Dame
Québec’s newest driving tour, the Route des Monts Notre-Dame offers an easily accessible and authentic experience of great natural beauty, proud communities, and warm and welcoming residents. The route winds through  the Notre-Dame Mountains, formed 200 million years ago, the site of the historic portage and water trail between the St. Lawrence and St. John Rivers, long used by the indigenous peoples. The Route des Monts Notre-Dame offers breathtaking landscapes, with lakes and rivers scattered among the fields and pastures. 
From the sandy shores of Sainte-Luce to the renowned Lac Témiscouata in Dégelis, the 153-kilometre tour will immerse you in the tranquil beauty of two wildlife reserves, two controlled harvesting zones (ZECs), the Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer, the Parc du Mont-Comi and Domaine Valga, an aerial adventure park in an old-growth forest.
From the sea to backcountry, follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of the 1930s to discover the deeply rooted communities of this forested land and the people who refused to leave during Opération Dignité, the largest social movement of rural Québec. The Route des Monts Notre-Dame reveals a story of collective entrepreneurship and innovative management of maple groves and forests. Discover the unique products and authentic flavours of the producers along the Route des Monts Notre-Dame.

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